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Double Yolk Record House: The Hidden Gem of Texas

Nestled in the heart of Texas, the Double Yolk Record House has emerged as a beacon of authenticity in the world of indie music.

February 29, 2024

Nestled in the heart of Texas, the Double Yolk Record House has emerged as a beacon of authenticity in the world of indie music. Founded by the talented Hannah Read, this online record label and artist collective has cultivated a distinctive sound that resonates deeply with listeners, offering a refreshing departure from the conventional pursuit of fame and fortune in the music industry.

The Origin of Double Yolk Record House

Hannah Read, the driving force behind Double Yolk Record House, embarked on this musical journey with a clear purpose—to provide a haven for her musical experiments. With a small budget but a big heart, this record label was born out of a desire to encourage music-making outside the confines of the mainstream music industry. It is a testament to the belief that music should be an authentic expression of emotion and creativity, unburdened by the pressures of commercial success.

Texan Roots

Double Yolk Record House draws its roots from the diverse landscapes of Texas. Acre Memos (Eric Adams) is from Silsbee, Texas, while Little Mazarn (Lindsey Verrill, Jeff Johnston, Carolina Chauffe) and Lomelda (Hannah Read) are based in Austin, Texas, known for its indie music scene. Southern influences that surround these bands have shaped the character of the music produced by Double Yolk Record House.

Defining Their Sound

The musical landscape crafted by Double Yolk Record House can be described as a captivating voyage through the realms of stripped-back indie folk and alternative music. The hallmark of this music is the raw, unfiltered emotion that flows through the vocals, establishing an intimate connection with the audience. It is a sound that speaks directly to the soul, transcending the boundaries of genre and convention.

The Voices of Double Yolk Record House

Little Mazarn

Based in Austin, Little Mazarn is a trio with Lindsey Verrill on vocals and banjo, Jeff Johnston on the saw and harmonium, and Carolina Chauffe contributing vocals and bass. Their latest EP, Honey Island General Store, showcases their ability to evoke a profound sense of tranquil nostalgia. Tracks like "Royse City" exemplify their talent for infusing soft yet powerful vocals with beautiful instrumentals. This combination is a recipe for a serene and thought- provoking listen.

Acre Memos (Eric Adams)

Eric Adams, known as Acre Memos, is not only a high school teacher but also a songwriter based in Silsbee, Texas. His music, reminiscent of Big Thief's Dragon New Warm Mountain I Believe in You, transports listeners to moments of hope and connection. His latest album, A Collection of Bird Songs, weaves smooth vocals and layered instrumentals into a memorable listening experience that brings forward memories of cherished nights spent around a campfire with loved ones.

Lomelda (Hannah Read)

Hannah Read—under the stage name Lomelda—is the visionary behind Double Yolk Record House. Influenced by her upbringing on a farm in small-town Texas, her music is a reflection of the Lone Star State and the concept of home (perfect). Her songs explore the metaphysical aspects of home, touching on themes of distance and connection. From her earlier work, such as "Brazos River" and "Miles," to her 2020 album Hannah, she embraces the idea of self-acceptance and being true to oneself.

A Trailblazer in the Texas Indie Music Scene

Double Yolk Record House is poised to make a significant impact on the Texas indie music scene. Their music—a fusion of raw, heartfelt lyrics and a blend of southern twang with a modern twist has found a deep-seated following. It's as though they've tapped into a musical current that effortlessly bridges the past and the present, promising to leave an indelible mark on the Texas indie music scene.

In a world often driven by commercialism, The Double Yolk Record House reminds us that the essence of music lies in its ability to connect, evoke emotion, and tell stories. With a roster of talented artists and a commitment to authenticity, this Texas-based record label and artist collective is undoubtedly charting an exciting course through the heart of indie music.

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