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The Band CAMINO at BYX Island Party

April 3, 2019

“Hey kids who were cool in high school, I’m cool in real life.”

Within the walls of Texas A&M University, I think it’s pretty safe to say BYX Island Party is a big hit. I think it’s even safer to say that The Band CAMINO is an even bigger hit. What do you get when you combine the two? A dreamy Saturday night at Wolf Pen Creek Amphitheatre we’re probably not going to forget anytime soon.

Before this carefully handcrafted event got started, I had the chance to sit down and talk with The Band CAMINO about life, music, and what’s next for these awesome guys.

I am always curious to know what the writing process looks like when more than one person is involved, so this was one of the first things I asked them.

“We definitely take individual roles I think, we all kind of write in different capacities. Me (Jeffery) and Spencer write most of the lyrics. I probably write the most quantity of songs, not all of which get recorded, but we all take a different role and it looks different all the time. We just vibe something out and jam on it until we are like, “oh this is cool.” But we’re always trying to write as many songs as we can.”

If you had to use one word to describe your sound what would it be?

“Electric, heartfelt, thoughtful, cool, passionate, emotional, honest, goofy and real” are all words given to me by The band CAMINO. And I think if you’ve at least listened to some of their music, you can agree.

The real question I know you’re all DYING to know the answer to is, If they would have perfect dad bods or perfect dad jokes for the rest of your life, which one would they choose?

It was a unanimous dad jokes. After what a dad bod is was explained of course.

“It’s like really really upper chest looks fantastic, but once you get to the belly, it’s like man that guy’s been drinking at least a 6 pack a day for the last ten years.” - Spencer

I’m pretty sure this is the actual definition in Webster’s Dictionary by the way.

The ACTUAL real question I know you’re DYING to know the answer to is do they have any new music coming out soon?

The answer is yes, but that’s all I’m allowed to say, so get pumped because anticipation is only like 7% as fun as new music is!!!

As for their pre-performance ritual? You’ll never guess what it consists of.

“The one thing we all do as a group before we go on is we put our hands in and we all say “Kenneth,” we don’t really know who Kenneth is….” - Jeffery

“people reading this are gonna be like aw sick what do they do…” - Graham  

“It’s stupid, it’s together, it’s nonsensical, you just quit taking yourself so seriously. It sets the mood. You’re not gonna be nervous if you’re saying Kenneth!” - Jeffery

I think I’m going to start chanting “1, 2, 3, Kenneth!” every morning in the mirror to get myself hyped in the morning! In all seriousness, I truly wish these guys the best in everything because I am now way cooler of a person simply because I got to meet them. They are HILARIOUS, I was dying laughing the whole interview and they just radiate genuinity. Do yourself a favor and head over to their Spotify, or do yourself an even bigger favor and head over to their website for more concert tickets!


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