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Cold Pursuit of Neeson’s Receding Hair Line

March 18, 2019

Oh Liam Neeson, how thou age like fine dollar store wine. It’s a shame you keep getting type-cast as “Grey-ing Father seeking vengeance for a lost child” nowadays because your early work was so groundbreaking. Yet, just like

Cold Pursuit

, you’re still full of surprises.

Cold Pursuit is a new movie directed by Hans Petter Moland based on the book

In Order of Disappearance

by Kim Fupz Aakeson. Liam Neeson stars as the soft-spoken, snow plowing, “citizen of the year” Nelson Coxman in this not-as-typical-as-you’d-expect action flick. Like most of the newer movies Neeson stars in, the main driving point of the plot in this film is Coxman’s quest for vengeance after his son was taken by a random assortment of gangsters.  Now, I can feel you rolling your eyes already and saying, “




1, 2 and 3 not ENOUGH?!” because believe me, I was right there with you. The beginning of the film starts off as typical and cookie-cutter as you’d imagine but things start to take a wildly different turn once the introduction is through.

This film separates itself from the common blockbuster thriller as soon as the formalities are out of the way by taking its wild ideas and running with them from the get-go. All the while never bothering to take itself too seriously because it knows what you’re in the theaters for: a good time. Just when you think you’ve got a perfect idea of what’s happening, the film throws a twist at you, and you can almost tell the director is smirking about it as it happens. Everything is expertly shot, brilliantly written, and extremely well performed.

Neeson, above all, absolutely shines in this film. Coxman’s character is very stoic and dry but placed in the middle of some of the most believably bombastic situations that could be found in cinema. This premise, coupled with superb writing placed in the capable hands of Neeson makes it nearly impossible not to root for the main character, or at least enjoy the ride.

If you enjoy a well put together film, then you’ll absolutely enjoy this revitalization of the action thriller genre.  From comedy to high octane action, to real drama, this film has got you covered. Personally, I’d recommend checking it out while it's still in theaters, it’s worth both your time and money, but waiting for Redbox isn’t a bad call either.

All in all, this movie gets a Qui-Gon Jinn out of ten from me.

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