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The Deal with the Jonas Brothers

March 4, 2019

Many music fans like myself are excited about the regrouping of the Jonas Brothers, composed of Kevin, Joe, and Nick Jonas. While the news of their regrouping has been circulated for a substantial amount of time, I have found many people excited and surprised by the drop of their latest hit “Sucker” on March 1


, 2019.

The song “Sucker” pays a tribute to the band members’ significant others and to women everywhere. Additionally, the last song released before it was nearly 6 years ago, making their comeback even more momentous.

In 2012 and 2013, the band underwent struggles about differing views on their music, where they wanted to go both as a group and individually. The two years prior had been spent working on personal projects and solo work. In response to these struggles, the band canceled the album they originally had coming out and were recording during 2012, and broke up in October of 2013, leaving fans devastated. Nick chose to work on his solo career and released 2 personal albums. Joe took the position of the frontman of the electro-pop group DNCE. Kevin, the 3


brother, opted to instead quietly raise his two daughters, rather than pursuing music. This quick resurgence of the group has caused people everywhere to find their renewed interest in the group.

“Sucker” was filmed at a Hatfield House in Hertfordshire, England, though according to different opinions, the location might have differed. It is an upbeat pop song featuring vocals from both Joe Jonas and Nick Jonas. Their music video also features cameo appearances from all three of the band member’s significant others: Danielle Jonas (Kevin’s wife), Sophie Turner (Joe’s fiancée), and Priyanka Chopra (Nick’s wife). The lyrics are undoubtedly about how much each member loves the woman in their life, making this song both heartwarming and a great comeback.

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