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Interview with The Voidz

October 16, 2018

“Searchin’ for meaning in a combination of notes.

Don’t overthink it,

don’t overthink it.”

The lyrical adage from the experimental rock supergroup, The Voidz. Formed by The Strokes’ 

lead vocalist, Julian Casablancas, The Voidz is a punk rock band featuring the highly 

experienced and evolved sounds of Jeremy Gritter (guitar), Amir Yaghmai (guitar), Alex 

Carapetis (drums), Jake Berkovici (bass, synthesizers), and Jeff Kite (keys). Bonded over the 

years by musical endeavors and a mutual love of unusual beats, the band officially joined forces 

in 2013 to challenge the standards of today’s music scene. Beginning with their 2014 debut 

album, Tyranny, to their most recent album, Virtue, The Voidz are killing the game in 

experimental and progressive rock.

I was fortunate enough to experience their sensational performance at The Heights 

Theatre in Houston on October 6th, where Ian Southwell and I had the very nerve-racking 

opportunity to interview the band. After the concert, we headed backstage where the members of 

The Voidz rested in a small room, drinking beer and watching the Khabib v. McGregor match. 

Ian and I anxiously joined them, and were warmly received by Jeremy Gritter, Amir Yaghmai, 

Alex Carapetis, Jake Berkovici, and Jeff Kite. We chatted for a good while as we waited for 

Julian Casablancas to arrive, who greeted us with a sense of humor and banter about college f


As we casually got to know the musicians, first discussing their aspirations and the 

tradition of encores, their vibrant personalities, musical knowledge, and incredible chemistry 

only increased my fanhood for them.

Each member of The Voidz had a unique flavor for music, in their perspectives as well as their 

backgrounds, which made them even more refreshing as a whole. 

When asked how they were able to come together with such contrasting musical sensibilities to 

formulate The Voidz, they said it was discovering a harmonious purpose that inspired them to 

collaborate, as they were all “in the second act of (their) musical journeys.” Uniting in a similar 

time in their careers instilled in them the freedom and versatility to be as experimental as they 

wished, which ultimately fueled their unrestricted and unique sound. 

Ian and I also learned a bit about their lives outside of music, which included hobbies 

such as painting and their philanthropic interests, such as Jeremy Gritter’s passion for the L.A. 

rescue organization, The Cat’s Meow.

If your ears haven’t yet been blessed by the band’s extraordinary stylings or if you want 

to get to know them better (which I recommend you do), you can listen to the full interview in 

the link below.

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