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Interview with The Dollop's Dave Anthony and Gary Reynolds

April 29, 2017

(Dave Anthony and Gareth Reynolds at a live recording of The Dollop with special guest, Patton Oswald; Source:​ ) The full interview recording can be found at the bottom of this page. When we think about “American History”, usually images of George Washington and his wig or Columbus’ wrecked ships come to mind, but what about a woman living in a watery “apartment” with a dolphin for 10 weeks under the watchful eye of a scientist on LSD? Well the good news is: that actually happened, and that woman’s name was Margaret Howe Lovatt. Her story, along with all the other crazy Americans before her, are just as much a part of the “self-destructive and proud” story of America as anything Washington every did, however, we never really had an outlet for these hilariously idiotic blips in history until The Dollop came along. For going on 3 years now, comedian, Dave Anthony, has been presenting some of these lesser known stories of American greatness on his bi-weekly podcast, The Dollop, to co-host and fellow comedian, Gary Reynolds (formally Gareth, but if you’ve ever listened to the show, you know how much he loves being called Gary), who has no idea what the story that day is going to be about. Things are still kept a little traditional every now and then of course, there have been episodes regarding George Washington's teeth and Andrew Jackson’s cheese after all. After producing over 250 episodes of obscure American history content, featuring some of The Greats such as Rainbow Man, The Rube and Oofty Goofty, Dave and Gary are now bringing the age old American question of “why did we let this happen?” to the cities that these events took place in. (Artwork by: James Fosdike) We (Erin O’Hara and Elias Sanchez) had the privilege of speaking with Dave Anthony and Gary Reynolds before they made their way to Texas for their Austin, Dallas, and Houston live shows. While throwing in as many “y’all”s into the conversation as possible, we discussed how the live shows have been going so far, some of their favorite musical artists at the moment, other comedians they would like to bring on the podcast, and what to expect at the Houston show we will be attending on Friday, April 28th. While they will be traveling to Texas by plane and, sadly, not by lobotomobile, we are still excited to experience The Dollop’s hilarity live and in person nonetheless. You can listen to every episode of The Dollop at, or come see them live in Dallas, Austin, or Houston this weekend. If you can’t make it this weekend, or don’t live in Texas, they will be announcing their next tour dates and locations soon. Dave and Gary will also be releasing their book, The United States of Absurdity: Untold Stories from American History, on May 9th, which will feature incredible artwork by James Fosdike, who also created that lovely poster you saw at the top of this article. Dave Anthony and Gary Reynolds’ social media and the full interview can be found below. [audio wav=""][/audio] The Dollop: Website: Twitter: @thedollop Facebook: Dave Anthony: Website: Twitter: @daveanthony Gareth Reynolds: Website: Twitter: @reynoldsgareth Pre-order the book now! Written by: Erin O'Hara Interviewers: Erin O'Hara and Elias Sanchez

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