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An Ode to the Last Real Rockers

March 3, 2017

Some people are fans of Muse, or Linkin Park, or even the Foo Fighters. While all of these bands undoubtedly rock, there are no other bands that are quite as hard core as Royal Blood. They are a two-part british hard rock band that how to rock you to your soul. The members are Ben who jams out on the drums and mike who brings the punk with his bass. What is really impressive about Royal Blood is that they are able to create totally complete sounding music with just a drum set and a bass. They only have one album out right now, the self titled “Royal Blood,” which was featured on the HBO show “Vinyl." They have a new album coming out this year, and I guarantee that it will be something to look out for. Have you ever been listening to a new album from an artist that you like and you come across a song that you can tell that the artist just included so that they can have more songs on the album, a “filler” song if you will? Well Royal Blood has no such songs! Literally every single song they have put out is hard core and amazing, even their B-side music. All of their songs rock equally hard. I straight up cannot choose my favorite song by them. When I listen to a Royal Blood song I can hear all the blood, sweat, and tears that went into making that song rock as hard as it does. They even do great covers of other people’s music! Seriously look up Royal blood covers Happy, or Roxeanne, or Ace of Spades. Honestly, while everyone else is like “dude I’m so ready for the new Star Wars”, or “ugh… Donald Trump is the worst”, or “Yay Donald trump is the best”, I’m sitting here waiting for Royal Blood to drop their new album. This has been an ode to the last real rockers. Please support them. Written by: Harrison "The Windy Toucan" Carmichael Image Courtesy of Royal Blood

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