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Making Your Perfect Playlist

March 3, 2017

Sometimes we music lovers think to ourselves “How can I make a playlist that is literal fire?” Some of us are lucky enough to succeed, while sometimes we fail very, very miserably. I haven’t yet learned how to make a fire playlist BUT I can help get you (and I) started with some frosted tips. Pick a song that you actually like instead of one that you see other people hyping up. Unpopular opinion time, but I personally do not like Taylor Swift so I tend to stay away from 1989. However, I am oddly obsessed with the song ‘Africa’ by Toto and will play it at any opportunity that I can/make my friends as equally obsessed as I am (sorry not sorry, Hart.) Listen to college radio stations because the DJs want to help send out music to whoever is willing to take the time to air their stream. The first time I ever heard Kings of Leon was when I was at home listening to UH Coog Radio and I was in love. (KANM THE COLLEGE STATION OF COLLEGE STATION) Night. Live. It is the epitome of what is up and coming and I guarantee that they will have a musical guest that you are impressed with. Some of my favorite performances include Kanye West promoting My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy in 2010, Justin Timberlake any time ever, Vampire Weekend back in 2008, and Ashlee Simpson dancing for fun. Actually pay attention when watching movies or tv shows! You know how sometimes you hear your favorite song or a cool one when watching Grey’s Anatomy or a movie like Drive? That’s because someone called a music supervisor was there to perfectly place these songs to give these scenes the extra umf they need. Take note because some of them are actually worth the effort to find. Believe it or not, but they know a thing or two about music. I can personally thank my dad for a lot of my music taste and interests that I have now. I once went to a New Order concert in Houston and actually knew a TON of their songs because my dad and I would sing and dance to these all up until I came to college. (Side story - he and all of his friends were a little jelly that they couldn’t see the group but we went over the setlist 10 times so they could experience it, too.) Follow your instincts or whatever. You know what you like and don’t like. Making a playlist isn’t hard so if you’re not feeling something, don’t even try to pretend that you are because it is the ~ cool ~ thing to do. If you’re a music snob, let you snob flag fly and do you. Hopefully these tips help with your playlists and if they don’t it’s cool fam. Like I said, I am no expert but I love music and am happy to lend a hand to a fellow music lover in need. Written by: Dahniella Alcaraz Photo Courtesy of Dahniella Alcaraz

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