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Three Albums to (Study) Grind To

- Chris Levinson

December 1, 2015

Finals is a time that tests the will of even the most hardened students, forcing them to answer age old questions like “if I go to NG tonight I’m gonna be hella hungover for my 8 AM thermo exam, but maybe that will make taking the final easier…?”  With all of the decisions that we students must make during finals week, the last thing anyone needs is to have to figure out a study playlist too. This is why we, the musical master race at KANM Student Radio, are providing you with a list of three albums that you can grind to, day and night. The Campfire Headphase - Boards of Canada Moving past the weird name, this album is tops when it comes to getting you in the (study) mood. Combining Boards of Canada’s trademark surreal sound samplings with the sounds of peaceful, wandering guitars and laidback drums, this record makes you feel as though you’re resting on an intergalactic beach, gazing into a cloudless, psychedelic sky. If this album sounds trippy that’s because it is; don’t let that deter you however, as this is a trip that you will find yourself taking over and over again. For you first time Boards listeners, start with the songs "Satellite Anthem Icarus," "Peacock Tail," and "Dayvan Cowboy."  For everyone else, simply press play and let the Boards of Canada do the rest. I began listening to this album four years ago and haven’t been able to stop since. Snowboarding in Argentina - Swayzak Named for the vacation that the group would take if the record were successful, Snowboarding in Argentina is the kind of music that you would expect to hear playing in an art exhibition at the MoMA. Listen for sparse high-hats, looped keyboards, and minimalistic synths, with a soft bass always subtly chugging away in the background. Snowboarding in Argentina transports you to a world where the days are always cool and the skies are always clear. Bottom line: this album is your secret to acing any final. Highlights are "Blocks," "Low-Rez Skyline," and "Fukumachi." Syro - Aphex Twin While still a surreal and even ominous album, Syro is a very different musical offering from Aphex Twin, who is best known for having produced songs and music videos like this one (not for the faint of heart). Where earlier Aphex Twin albums have beenexperimental to the point of being abrasive, Syro is subtle and nuanced in its sound, using break-beats, synths, and keyboards to create textured soundscapes that will take your weary mind to fantastic new places. This album is perfect for any late night study sesh, simply press play and allow yourself to flow into the study groove. - Chris Levinson

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