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Feel the Folk Friday: Bernie Sander's Folk Album

November 6, 2015

Disclaimer: This article is completely satirical and does not reflect the views of the this radio station, the writer, or the university it is affiliated with.  This is in no way meant to take a political stance or critique the candidate in question.

It's time for you to Feel the Bern in another shape and form.  The 2016 Democratic Presidential Candidate recorded a folk album in 1987 while serving as mayor of Burlington, Vermont.  Yes Senator Sanders, who would like nothing more than for us to wear uniformed grey pajamas, sit in drum circles while singing Kumbaya, and smoke grass has finally given us a soundtrack to his revolution.  His folk album, which consists of five classic folk covers, has everything we'd expect from Senator Sanders.  In case your curious, you can listen to parts of his album here. Over all, the album is a little odd with Senator Sanders preaching the same ideas and political stances he is known for today.  It's still the same old Bernie, no pun intended, who chants about income inequality and a perfect society where everyone loves one another.  Unfortunately we never once get to hear the beauty that is the baritone of Senator Sander's bellowing voice.   Instead we get to hear other hippies sing  about freedom and other non-American ideas like treating everyone equally and giving everyone the same opportunities.  Sorry Senator but this America and not Europe.  If you want to bring your strange sense of equality to this country you might as well take it back to your nightmarish socialist Europe.

In all seriousness, Senator Sander's fiery mix-tape is unique listen and should be something to listen to regardless on your musical tastes or political ideologies.   It's something different and not to worry you won't be burning down churches and taking to the streets starting a revolution.  You will however, grow dirty-white-guy dreadlocks and a pair of Birkenstock Sandals, but at least you'll start to think a little bit about our country's political landscape.  And if that doesn't convince you, I hope this following image will.

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