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Staff Spotlight: Noel Marcelle, Finance Director

February 17, 2022

by Gwen Howerton

What was the first band or artist that solidified your love of music?

Even though it’s cheesy, growing up listening to the Beatles and classic rock in general with my Dad really made me love music. The bar area in our house is filled with posters of different bands and Beatles memorabilia. My Dad hangs out in there and plays guitar and piano, sometimes writing his own songs. When I was a kid, I would always borrow my Dads VRC of the Yellow Submarine movie and watch it when I couldn’t sleep or was sick.

How did you first hear about KANM, and what made you want to join?

I first heard about KANM at the first MSC Open House I went to and I kick myself back then for not joining! I was definitely interested my first semester but, didn’t want to be too busy. I ultimately did join because even though Texas A&M is a huge school, I struggled to make friends and felt I might make some friends in an org where everyone loves music as much as me.

What is your favorite memory from your time in KANM?

Save the Music was my favorite time with KANM so far! I was so nervous for the event because our officer team worked really hard to put it on and we did not really know what we were doing. The event was such a success and so much fun! All of the bands were great and it was so nice to finally have live music back after over a year with no shows. Save the Music has been my favorite memory of my college experience overall.

Do you have a show? If so, what’s your favorite part about doing a show?

I host a show called Stoked & Broke (named after the Fidlar song). What I love about my show is it gives me a time to talk about whatever I want, without having to worry. It is nice to have a little time that is just for me to talk about whatever what I enjoy.

Who are your favorite artists right now?

Some of my favorite artists include The Story so Far, Cage the Elephant, No Pressure, and Fidlar.

What other extracurriculars are you involved in here at A&M?

I also am the director of the one and only improv troupe on campus Freudian Slip!

What’s your major, and what are your plans for after graduation?

I am a senior Visualization major with a minor in Communications. Visualization is an arts focused STEM major that is essentially a combination of interactive media, animation, and game design. My focus is more on the intereactive media side of things and after graduation I would love to be working as a graphic designer! I’ll design whatever that pays the bills honestly but my dream job (other than not working at all) would be to design merchandise and album artwork for bands and musicians!

Check out some of Noel's favorite tracks here:

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