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KANM Takes SXSW Part 1

March 27, 2019

With another SXSW come and gone sparks several music articles about the best of SXSW and a top 10 lists of artists to check out. KANM got a chance to enter the SXSW Music Festival scene for the first time this year, and I was one of the lucky members to go and check out these artists myself. So here’s an honest review of the South by Southwest Music Festival of 2019:

The weeks leading up to SXSW were filled with excitement and lots of promotional emails from artists, record labels, and venues. We were all excited to be done with midterms and drive to Austin for Spring Break.

The first day of SXSW was amazing! I got my badge and complimentary tote bag and was ready to see my first music showcase of the day. The day flew by with a flurry of music, food vendor's, convention halls, and many different venues all around downtown Austin.

The only frustrating part was some bars and clubs turning me away because I am not 21. At the end of the first day, I had experienced what SXSW had and couldn't wait to see more the next day.

The next day of SXSW I was a yet again frustrated unable to see a band I had been really looking forward to. We tried a couple of different places but ended up short. Tired and a little discouraged we decided to rest at the balcony of a restaurant that was sponsored by SXSW.

When we first sat down, enjoying a spot to look down at the streets of a busy downtown Austin, a band was setting up on the terrace. Not thinking much of it we chilled out for a while looking at the schedule for venues I was able to go to. During this, the band began to mic check and the singer got on the mic. She was really good and we decided to stay awhile and catch her show.

This unexpected showcase we stumbled upon was the last musician of New Zealand @ SXSW, an event put on by the restaurant. I was really excited to get to hear her set and she was one of the best artists I had heard at SXSW so far. Because of where we were sitting I didn’t get the best shot of her, but I did manage to a picture with her after she played. I managed to talk to her a bit and compliment her on her music.

Her stage name is Robinson and while she is considered to have a very pop style of music her voice is really unique. She has a big following already. To be able to find a singer-songwriter that I really enjoyed out of pure luck really symbolized the essence of SXSW.

My advice to any future SXSW attendees, make a tentative plan, but don’t be afraid to venture out and just explore the city. You might end up really happy with some musicians that you find.

Written by: Genevieve Rogers Photos courtesy of Genevieve Rogers

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