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Kero Kero Bonita

November 1, 2018

Glitter-Funk-Pop-Moment is how I would describe my experience at the Kero Kero Bonito this past weekend. I saw them at Barracuda in Austin, a nice, small outdoor venue which provided an intimate setting for fans to gather and be parched together due to the whole Austin water crisis. Despite my dry mouth and dehydrated body, I was still very excited to witness KKB live. Unfortunately, their set time of 11PM was excruciatingly late and the opening act left a lot to be desired. I never really complain about music acts, especially openers, who almost always turn out to be a pleasant addition to the concert, but KKB’s opening act was kind of treacherous. I forget their band name, but they didn’t really share the same vibe as KKB and every song they played made me and my friends amused because they all sounded exactly the same. Maybe it was the audio technician’s fault that we couldn’t get the full effect, or maybe it was just our taste against theirs. They seemed to have a couple loyal fans in the front row, though, so power to them honestly.

After the the opener finished, we thought for sure KKB would be coming out in a matter of minutes and our long, arduous wait would be over. But alas, minutes passed, and those minutes turned into half an hour, and that half and hour turned into almost a full hour- we were tired!!! But finally, the band made their way out and my energy was restored to its original state. They started off with one of their biggest hits, “Flamingo,” which was smart because it got the lethargic crowd really pumped up. They followed “Flamingo” with songs off their new album, “Time ‘n’ Place.” I was most excited to hear their newer songs because of the electric instruments included in them. “Time Today” is probably my favorite track off “Time ‘n’ Place” so I was so pleased that they played it early on in the set. Sarah, the lead singer sounded exactly like she did on the recording and the instrumentalists/the Keros were amazingly talented! Their stage set up was modest, but it got the job done and they sounded great. The atmosphere was overall very ~posi vibes~ and the music guaranteed a good time for each concert-goer.

You can listen to Kero Kero Bonito’s sophomore album, “Time ‘n’ Place,” on streaming services or buy a physical copy on the Polyvinyl website!

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