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October 24, 2018

Loud music, fellowship, sun, and good vibes. I have always been entranced with the idea of attending music festivals like Woodstock, but unless we really are living in a simulation and time travel actualizes anytime soon, ACL is as close as I’m going to get.

The three day music festival was packed with one-of-a-kind acts, good eats, plenty of entertainment, and seas of excited people. Needless to say, my first ACL exceeded my expectations. The vibe that ACL brought made it feel like I was on vacation somewhere far away in some fantasy land even though I was only a couple hours away from home. Zilker was small enough to walk around all day, but big enough to accommodate everyone and still feel like a large festival community. I was surprised at how many people they had staffed all three days. Someone was always around to help and medics and security were at every corner. Not in an intrusive way, but they were there if you needed them.

Logistics wise, I was most nervous about the transport to and from the festival. Uber is only so convenient when the rates aren’t criminally inflated. Though, to my surprise, the free shuttle service that ACL provided to all the festival-goers was the real MVP. It was so easy to bus down to Republic Square, the pickup location, and take the shuttle over to Zilker. There was also a designated Uber entrance/exit which could have been really helpful too, but I would highly recommend taking the free shuttle option- it’s free. On festival grounds, there were plenty of water and restroom stations with lines that moved extremely fast, and a lot of recycling receptacles. The selection of food available was also a pleasant addition to the festival. They had a ton of local vendors from Torchy’s Tacos to Tiff’s Treats. Even Chipotle had their own station where they whipped up burrito bowls. Delish local eats in addition to the hydration stations assured I never went hungry or felt dehydrated.

The acts I saw were amazing. Some highlights for me were definitely St. Vincent, Blood Orange, Big Thief, and Janelle Monae, though I was really impressed by Paul McCartney, who played his set for about two hours. The stages were decently large and even though I couldn’t always see the artist over the crowd, I could always hear them. Sound quality through the park was incredible. None of the shows overpowered one another, yet all were loud enough for the audiences to hear whatever artist they wanted to hear.

I would highly recommend ACL to just about anyone interested in music or having a good time. From the upbeat atmosphere to the outstanding lineups, how could anyone want to miss it? I can’t wait to feel the Austin sun on my skin at ACL next year.

ACL sponsors great shows year-round in Austin and offers deals leading up to the festival every year. Keep up with them to see who they’re bringing to town and grab tickets for 2019!


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