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The Statesboro (Test) Revue

August 12, 2017

You will never truly be able to understand the term “hometown heroes” until you see a couple of brothers play the legendary venue in their small town. Getting to watch the Statesboro Revue, fronted by brothers Garrett and Stewart Mann, play John T. Floore’s Country Store was one of the coolest experiences that I’ve ever had at a show. It had all of the intimacy of a house show and all of the excitement of a small country show, completed with elated shouts of “YEE YEE” from the crowd. (Credit: Sierra Brown) The first time I saw the Statesboro Revue was last November at the Granada Theater in Dallas. I went for their opener, Kirby Brown, but I stayed for the rest of the show. I was immediately impressed by them and jumped at the opportunity to see them in Helotes. They’re incredibly talented musicians with the kind of professional precision that you see in artists who truly value their craft. While they’re serious about what they do, they aren’t afraid to have some fun as well. In between Stewart’s killer harmonica solos and Garrett’s incredible guitar rifts, the guys teased each other and the crowd. Little one-liners like “Shout out to Garrett and his hooligan friends,” “Every song that’s not on an album is brand new,” and “This one is called Sleeping on the Floor… it’s inspired by Garrett!” peppered the set and kept the show light and fun. (Credit: Sierra Brown) The Statesboro Revue set out to get everyone in the crowd dancing, and they lived up to their groovy goals. There were points during the show when everyone except for the employees and one older couple were on the floor, two-stepping away. No one could stand still, including the openers, who were dancing in the wings of the stage. Towards the end of the show, the crowd thinned out a bit and that’s when the dance party really kicked into gear. The entire crowd was having the time of their lives, swinging and swaying under the Christmas lights and boots hanging from the rafters. The really dedicated ones made it all the way through the entire set, a speech by the opening band’s singer, and two encores. (Credit: Sierra Brown) In a lot of ways, I’m really surprised I hadn’t met Garrett, Stewart, and their band earlier. It turns out we have several mutual friends, including one of my friends from school and a few of my friends who are involved in the Dallas music scene. Despite this, we still warmed up to each other quickly. We geeked out together in the legendary green room at Floore’s, talked about music we liked, got interrupted by the arrival of food, and learned a lot about each other. I had so much fun talking to the guys and I think they had fun, too. Listen to the interview below! [audio m4a=""][/audio] Keep up with the band on social media! Facebook: Twitter: @statesbororevue Instagram: @statesbororevue   Article and photos by Sierra Brown.

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