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little hurricane, Big Noise

June 12, 2017

I may not be an expert, but I’m pretty sure that little hurricane is the quietest blues band I’ve ever met. The duo, CC on drums and Tone on guitar, are abnormally reserved in a way that makes them stand out. They are not timid, but instead have a stoic air that suggests intelligence and kindness. But, for as soft spoken as they are offstage, they have a commanding stage presence and a deep sound that is anything but small. Their music is great on track and amazing live. They play off of each other and inspire listeners to get groovy all while visibly having a good time on stage, especially he always-smiling CC.   (Source: Sierra Brown) CC and Tone are both incredibly talented on their own, but together they’re magic. The two met on Craigslist, began a band, and eventually got married last year. You can almost hear the strength of their relationship in their effortlessly smooth sound. I love listening to all of their albums in a row, because you can hear the relationship develop and the music get better as they fall in love. (Source: Sierra Brown) This is my second time seeing them live, but my first time really paying attention. When I saw them two years ago (in the same venue even!), I was more into their opener than I was them. Since then, my opinion flipped, so getting to see them again was great. Their setlist was the perfect mix of old, new, and covers. My favorite song, “Isn’t It Great,” got one of the best introductions of the night: “It’s where we die in a plane crash, but with a positive message!” The two do everything live when they play – meaning they don’t play any tracks – so some of their songs sound different live. “OTL” had heavier hitting beats and was a bit faster, but the most impressive part of their show was during “Give Em Hell” when CC played the drums and a small fiddle at the same time. (Source: Sierra Brown) The crowd was really diverse. Kids, dads, middle aged couples, teenage boys, hipsters, and former college bros were all among the audience. For such a wide range of people, there was a great sense of unity. Everyone was there to appreciate the band and recognized that. There was no shoving, no fighting, and nothing but appreciation for the band. (Source: Sierra Brown) Much to the chagrin of the venue, I got to go backstage and talk with CC and Tone before their show. It was really fun getting to hang out and learn more about them and their music. Listen to the interview below! [audio m4a=""][/audio] Check out the band on social media! Facebook: Twitter: @littlehurricane Instagram: @littlehurricane Article and photos by Sierra Brown.

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