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Vista Kicks at the Domain in College Station

March 7, 2017

Vista Kicks are a band based out of Sacramento, California who have been frequently touring throughout Texas, playing their new music that has yet to be released. They currently have one album and an EP, which is accessible to the general public through platforms such as Apple Music, Soundcloud, and Spotify. Although they do not have a very strong following currently, they are for sure a band to keep an eye on. Their edgy, and unique twist on good old classic rock and roll resembles that of a 70’s band with a current day alternative sound. The lead singer, Derek’s vocals are astounding and able to capture the attention of any music listener, with his perfect runs and resonant sound. This past Thursday, February 27th, Vista Kicks preformed at the Domain on Northgate. After talking to the bassist Trevor, he revealed to me that they travel to different college towns, stay in residences like The Domain for about a week, and work on music while playing a show or two. Getting free living, time to work on new music and preforming sounds like a pretty good deal. Their show turnout was fairly small, with about 40 people. The majority of the crowd had been following them around Texas, and had attended their Austin show the previous weekend. The small turn out worked to my advantage, because I was able to be basically inches away from them while they performed. The whole concert felt more like a hangout than anything else. After they preformed everyone just hung out, the band included. This allowed me to talk to them for about an hour and hear about their music and what they have been up to. The band is really personable and humble, to the point that you feel like you are just talking to a friend. I look forward to attending more of their shows and keeping up with their music. Also they will add you on snapchat- @vistakicks, which is pretty cool. Written by: Lillian Johnson Both Photos Courtesy of Lillian Johnson

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