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Lewis Del Mar on "Home of the Strange" Tour

March 1, 2017

Although they were opening for a sold out Young the Giant show, I didn't have expectations for New York natives Lewis Del Mar. The consensus of the people around me seemed to be "Lewis Del Mar? That name sounds really familiar..." but it didn’t look like there were any fans of the band (and none of us still can figure out why the band's name sounded so familiar). However, Lewis del Mar's performance was a pleasant surprise. In fact, the best way to describe their show is refreshing. The newly-formed experimental pop group didn’t seem to be your typical, cookie-cutter opener that the crowd plays on their phones through. From the moment the band came on stage, opening with "14 faces" from their debut album Lewis Del Mar, they had this electrifying presence. Although the group knew that the majority of us were there for head-liner Young the Giant, they were quick to interact with the crowd and keep everyone included. They followed their opener with “Puerto Cabezas, NI” and “Wave(s)”. Typically, during an opener, there's this feeling of impatience while the majority of the audience waits for the headliner. I didn't feel this with Lewis Del Mar. They were entertaining, without feeling flashy, and laid back, without seeming apathetic. Surprisingly enough, there seemed to be a large number of Lewis Del Mar fans at the front of the crowd screaming along to the songs. The group closed out the night with an energizing performance of Loud(y). Although the band, lead by duo Danny Miller and Max Harwood, have only been active since 2015, they released their first full-length album in October of 2016. With a recent appearance on Conan and the announcement of a headlining tour, I’m confident that we’ll be hearing more from Lewis Del Mar. I’ll definitely be keeping tabs on this band to see where their talent takes them next. Lewis Del Mar Setlist 2/10/2017: 14 Faces Puerto Cabezas, NI Wave(s) Painting (Masterpiece) Tap Water Drinking Malt Liquor Loud(y) *Photo courtesy of  Daniel Topete *Photo courtesy of Kris Connor/Getty Images Written by: Sydnee Griffin  

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