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Interview with The Griswolds

March 1, 2017

This Australian band is usually recognizable from their hit “Beware the Dog” off of their debut album Be Impressive. At the end of last year, however, they released their newest album, High Times for Low Lives, and announced their headlining tour shortly after the release. The Griswolds brought their High Times for Low Lives tour to Austin and Houston last weekend, February 17 and 18; I had the privilege of getting to see both of those shows, and they even sold out in Houston, as well as Dallas on February 19. The Griswolds’ set was nothing short of exciting – they brought together songs from both their debut album, Be Impressive, as well as new ones from High Times for Low Lives, including the hit single off of that album, “Out of My Head.” The show was full of energy and the crowd was wild for their music – everyone was singing along to songs from both albums. They played a perfect mixture of upbeat tracks as well as slowing it down a bit with songs that have a softer melody, such as “Live This Nightmare.” Lead vocalist, Chris Whitehall, was one of the highlights of the concert, hyping up the crowd by stating how much the band loves Texas and enjoys being in this state. Sierra Brown and I had to wonderful opportunity to interview band members, Danny and Tim from The Griswolds last weekend before their show in Austin. It was lots of fun getting to chat with them! Check out the interview here: [audio m4a=""][/audio] Be sure to follow The Griswolds on their social media pages! Facebook: Twitter: @wethegriswolds Instagram: @thegriswolds Written by: Megan Pavel Photos Curtesy of Sierra Brown Interviewers: Megan Pavel and Sierra Brown

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