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Karmin "Leo Rising"

September 21, 2016

If you haven’t heard of the duo called Karmin… you’ve missed out on a lot friend. Karmin (Nick and Amy) began making covers on their YouTube channel of pop, jazz and hip-hop songs. One video that has gained a lot of recognition, is the cover of “Look at Me Now,” because of Amy’s fluid rapping and Nick’s skillful music accompaniment. They have come a long way with an EP of their many song covers, various YouTube tutorials, and freshman album “Pulses.” Leo Rising is their second full-length album and IT IS WONDERFUL!! All written by the duo; each song is supposed to represent the 12 zodiac signs. “Dance with You” [Aries] “Sugar” [Taurus] “Didn’t Know You” [Gemini] “No Suitcase” [Cancer] “Come with Me (Pure Imagination)” [Leo] “Everything” [Virgo] “Along the Road” [Libra] “Can’t Live” [Scorpio] “Blame It On My Heart” [Sagittarius] “Save Me Now” [Capricorn] “Easy Money” [Aquarius] “I Got You” [Pisces] “Love Is Louder” [bonus track] Now, I have been following Karmin since their YouTube covers and hair tutorials days, so when they announced that there was going to be another album I was pumped! The first single released from the album was “Sugar” and I instantly fell in love with the song, which made me think that they got the songs to match the zodiac signs perfectly. The kick drum, string background, and sass that exudes from Amy is exactly what speaks to all Taurus signs! (Especially myself, I played this song on repeat for a while... no joke.) Throughout the album, there is this anthem feel of finding yourself and the need for freedom. A great example of this is the song “No Suitcase” with the lyrics: I’m leaving, I’m leaving, I’m leaving Don’t you try to stop me I’m not taking no suitcase Anywhere but here is gonna fit me just fine   Another personal favorite of mine (at the moment) is the track “Didn’t Know You,” which talks about getting torn down by someone that had many “faces,” but coming out of the situation with more understanding and strength. Amy just comes out swinging, telling the person that they weren’t in the right, that they were fake with their many faces, and that she may have had some bruises but she is stronger now. “Before we fly we have to fall, I guess I didn’t know you at all”   Nick and Amy created this album with such a great mix of upbeat and slow jams that every zodiac sign to enjoy! Both very musically talented, they work and flow so well together, and in much need of some serious props! No wonder they finally tied the knot this year! (The cutest couple EVER!) Definitely, check out this album on iTunes or Google play and I’m going to leave a link to Karmin’s YouTube channel as well; they have a lot of mind blowing covers on there that I think a lot of people will enjoy!   Karmin Official Website: Karmin YouTube Channel:     Written by: Sam Lett

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