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Who To See Wednesday: Fun Fun Fun Fest

Won tickets to FFF Fest? Here's who to see.

November 4, 2015

Won tickets to Fun Fun Fun Fest but don’t know any bands? Have you ever wanted to relive your 2008 emo­glory days? Enjoying breaking your car’s factory stereo with underground hip hop beats with absurdly loud bass? If you said “YES! YES THIS IS ACTUALLY ME” or some derivative of it, then here are three important Fun Fun Fun Fest acts that YOU need to see! American Football: Imagine a bearded man in a flannel sitting next to a fireplace going “ah” as he finishes his last drop of apple cider. A dog suddenly jumps into his lap. Both of them are content. Take all of this information and throw it together and you have a good grasp of Illinois’ American Football. Drawing from early to late 90’s emo influences from the likes of Cap’n Jazz and Sunny Day Real Estate, American Football is THE act to see if you enjoy pretty guitar riffs, math rock tempos, and bass lines justttttttt enough to make you go “damn I think I should learn bass” but then you never do. Recommended record: American Football (self-­titled) Joey Bada$$: The first time I heard Joey Bada$$ I was 17. He was also 17. Blown away by how fast yet groovy an adolescent could spit rhymes, I immediately downloaded all of Joey’s material and begged my friends to listen. Joey Bada$$’ rhymes are reminiscent of classic rappers such as Nas or MF DOOM, who also produced his breakout mixtape “1999” (don’t worry, he wasn’t rapping when he was 4, he’s not THAT good). If you enjoy slick rhyming over 90’s­type beats or music to vibe to on a lazy Sunday, Joey Bada$$ is your guy. Recommended record: Summer Knights La Dispute: Putting on some of the most emotional and enthralling performances in the punk scene, La Dispute knows how to engage a crowd to the fullest, no matter how big the crowd is. From playing in DIY spaces around their hometown in Grand Rapids, Michigan to roughly twenty people, to being signed to No Sleep Records and selling out nation­wide tours, La Dispute have proven that punk is not dead, if you know where to look for it. If you enjoyed wearing eye­liner in middle school, writing My Chemical Romance lyrics on you backpack and journals, or love discussing your favorite Sylvia Plath work over coffee, La Dispute is a must see for you at Fun Fun Fun Fest. Recommended record: Wildlife

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