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Triston Marez & Braxton Kieth Rock Harry’s

March 9, 2022

On a cold and windy night, Triston Marez and Braxton Kieth came to bring the heat at Hurricane Harry’s. February 25 will ultimately be known as an electric night in College Station, TX from the two performers that graced the stage. With each rip of the guitar strings and heartbroken note sung, this duo had the crowds feet moving all night long.

Triston Marez, a breakout artist from Houston, TX, is one of those guys that can captivate a crowd from the first note he sings to the last. It is something very special about his performance that is a refreshing feel despite the repetitive sounds and songs heard on the radio everyday. Marez brings the old country back to life that we all grew up with. From his classic honky tonk sound, to the more “rock like” anthems, Marez looks to keep bringing crowds to life wherever he performs.

“Cody Johnson was really starting to make some noise out there in the country scene…That really influenced me to make music that people can dance to, party to, have a good time to,” said Marez. The idea to make people sing and dance along to every song is something that Marez did all night long as the Hurricane Harry’s dance floor parted like the red sea as couples danced on one part of the floor, and sang their hearts out to his music on another.

It is clear that paying homage to the legends of the country music industry is something that can be heard through all of Marez’s songs. Especially the song written with country music legend Ronnie Dunn titled “Where the Neon Lies”. Marez described this experience as amazing and an awesome experience.

Along with the electric performance by Marez, Braxton Kieth is another breakout star reigning from the dusty plains of West Texas. Kieth was the opener for the show and did not leave anyone clueless on who he was when it was all said and done. Much like Marez, Kieth is someone who wants to build on that old country honky tonk sound.

Like his goal to stay true to the old honky tonk sound, Braxton did just that during the concert as he strutted the stage in a Gold paisley shirt and black wranglers. Just like his attire,Kieth stays true to his roots of West, Texas when he writes and performs.

“I don't know if it is as much the West, Texas country music scene as much as it is just being from West, Texas. Just living there influences my music a lot,” said Kieth. Kieth is a ‘young gun’ who broke out onto the scene in a very quick way with his single “A Little Bit Closer” taking him to the forefront of fans ears. He says how he does not want to rely on the high and success of his single and he wants to keep growing as an artist and business.

Kieth will be coming out with some new music soon that is sure to rock any honky tonk stage he walks onto.

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